IDology Logo

IDology is a revolutionary service and software system established to improve health care for both physicians and patients.

The IDology logo was created as part of the overall IDology identity used in a number of ways including the Presentation Kit. The IDology system is a new approach to healthcare so I looked at new ways to approach its visual representation.

I decided to make an unconventional logo by having it stretch out into different parts surrounding the base. This wasn't only for creating a distinctive look for the health care system's logo.

Its outreaching elements represent the way IDology works. The physicians and hospitals reach out and communicate to patients across the city by using the tools it provides. The radial array of elements also represents the form of an animated, healthy person.

A range of colors were used to also give the visual identity an energetic feeling and set it apart from other health identities which tend to stick to blues and greens. Dark colors were paired with these to create even more visual contrast.

IDology Logo Display
IDology Logo
IDology Logo Color Palette
IDology Logo Typography
IDology Logo Feature

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