Octril Identity

Octril is a Birmingham, Alabama based group providing data analysis and presentation for the paper, mining and steel industries.

Octril provides customized solutions that involve taking data from client's equipment and condensing it into a manageable form. The company works with technology to provide real-world solutions to labor and machinery problems.

The idea for Octril's identity was to combine these two worlds — tech and manual labor — into a cohesive and strong look.

The main typeface chosen to represent the company is big and bold with a bit of an edge to it. The color palette makes use of greens that transition from vibrant to dusky paired with neutral grays that work in unity. Green was chosen as the main color to represent being "on" and full of energy.

Boxes and line styles were used to emulate the way data is represented in forms and monitors throughout work sites.

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Octril Identity
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