Semda Conference Brochure

The Southeastern Medical Device Association is a non-profit organization that provides resources to help the development of medical devices.

Through events and conferences, Semda receives donations to further its goals and donors get a chance to network and gain new knowledge about the industry. The annual conference is the biggest of the year for the organization and people travel from all over to attend.

The task was to provide a communication device to inform potential donors about the event and its perks as well as remind past attendees about the dates and the time frame.

Brochures used for the previous year's events contained drab browns and greens and were very text heavy. The focus was to make the design easily readable and eye catching to pull in people that may be on the fence about attending and keep them reading.

Semda Conference Brochure Cover
Semda Conference Brochure Spread
Semda Conference Brochure Display
Semda Conference Brochure Display

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