CMHWAK Magazine

Established in 2000, CMHWAK is a collective focusing on Emotional Hardcore music. CMHWAK started its existance as a webzine but, over the years, it has progressed in many different ways and forms.

A special edition magazine was created for the 9th issue of the ongoing music publication. The format includes music reviews, band interviews, photography, "independent" lifestyle columns and stories.

The overall tone is both informative but also completely tongue in cheek, reguarly making fun of the music and people who enjoy it.

Moving to a print publication from a web publication opened up a lot of areas for different design directions. The magazine combined both the black & white, cut & paste "punk" look with a more modern sensibility. The visuals and all of the content kept a strong creative charge while at the same time bringing the content to the forefront and letting the words do the talking for themselves.

CMHWAK Magazine Cover
CMHWAK Magazine Movies Like Music Spread
CMHWAK Magazine Circle takes The Square Spread
CMHWAK Magazine Cover Design
CMHWAK Magazine Spread Design
CMHWAK Magazine Spread Graphic Design

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